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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Centering Presentation“Elegy for the Arctic”   by Ludocivo Einaudi

A Message for All Ages: “Faith with a Capital ‘F'” 

Scripture Readings:
Hebrews 11:1-3,8-16,39-40 (NRSV)
Luke 12:32-40 (NRSV)

Sermon: “What is Faith?”

Pastoral Prayer

Creator God, maker of stars and seashores, reveal your Word to us this day. Redeemer God, call us, light our lamps and dress us for action: opening the doors of our hearts and minds. Sustainer God, sender of the Holy Spirit, renew within us the faith of our ancestors, that we might claim it as our own in Covenant with you and with each other.

Lord, through Faith we hear your call to follow your example, to be proclaimers of your faith in your absence: our hands and our voices, our labor and our loves, our lives and our gifts all visible proofs of our faith in you.

We love you Lord, and we know we are called to minister to all of the Children of God, no matter who they are or how different from us they may be. Help us to not fear or turn away from those who are “other,” and help us to be attentive to their pains and needs, no matter how great or how insignificant we perceive them to be.

We welcome your Holy Spirit into our hearts and through it, to understand and proclaim the reality of the Faith that has so transformed our own lives. And through that faith, we know we will always Love you and all whom we encounter, as fully and unconditionally as you love us.

And so, Almighty Healer, out of the faith you’ve placed in us, we remember your many children, both named and unnamed, who are experiencing illness, injury or disease; those who are suffering from oppression and injustice; those who are dealing with loss of employment or home; and those who are the victims of natural or manmade disasters. We ask that your spirit and grace cover them, and that you move within us, that we are not passive witnesses to their challenges and pain.  



Jesus, designed and perfected our faith, believing in the goodness that lies in the heart of every human being – otherwise, why would he have come to us at all?  

God is not ashamed of us, and has faith in us; and so our faith calls us to follow God’s example: let us not be ashamed-of or mistrust others. God made them as they are, and therefore we shall love and have faith in them as God does – even those whom we do not comprehend; for where our treasure lies, is where our hearts will be also. The choice is ours: to have faith in all that God has created, or not.

God is coming soon; so light your lamps, and be dressed and prepared for action.


Departing Presentation: “Have a Little Faith in Me”

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